Podcasts I Love

Until a few years ago I didn’t really know what a podcast was. Fast forward two years and I have regular ones I love listening to and always on the look out for new ones. I think it’s a really easy way to learn about a variety of topics and other people’s thoughts out in the world. 

I often listen to them to cheer up the daily commute or when I am cleaning.  Here are my favourites ones:

Don’t Salt My Game by Laura Thomas – I love this podcast because it really advocates health at every size. Laura does a fab job at spot lighting different elements of health and really explores all elements of health and people’s experiences. Topics such as quality of sleep, fat shaming, disordered eating, intuitive eating and  fitness are covered. There is no topic off-limits and Laura is a true advocate of helping people instead of making them feel like shit. A new episode is usually released on a Friday.

Whole & Healthy Live by Laura and Kezia – This podcast is a fresh perspective on living a whole and healthy life that is right for you. The fabulous ladies talk about wellbeing, mindset, periods, energy levels and self-care. This is a must listen to anyone who is constantly starting a new diet or beats themself up when they “fall off the wagon”. Listen and learn why there is no wagon to fall off. Usually it is a weekly podcast release.

Hashtag Authentic by Sara Tasker – I love everything that Sara puts out there and I really enjoy the tips and advice discussed in this podcast. Sara is the Insta Queen who has so many ideas and suggestions to help someone like me who didn’t get instagram for a while. I always look forward to the weekly episodes.

What She Said by Lucy Sheref. I love this podcast because Lucy always sounds like she is chatting to her best friend, it’s an easy and relaxed interviewing style. Each week it’s packed with tips and advice for blogging and general life. I love how each week Lucy wants to have a “clean” episode with no swearing. I always make sure I listen to it as soon as I can and some episodes I have listened to a few times.

Serial by Sarah Koenig – This podcast is completely different to any others that I listen to. Each series is a different case where a crime or mishap has occured and things are not what they seem. Sarah and her team investigate all possible angles, reviewing the evidence to see where it takes the case. I still google the cases from the first two series so that I can see what has happened as you feel like you know what that person / case. I am hoping that there is another one soon however there are two series plus a spin of S Town. Again another good listen.

What  podcasts do you love to listen to? 

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