Self Care Challenge Results

You may have remember in this post I told you that I was going to take part in a self care challenge through September. The challenge was to complete an act of self care every day and post it on Instagram using this hashtag #Septselfcare  

How Did I Do

Well I found it difficult to post on Instagram every day. However I did make sure I prioritised 5 minutes every day thinking about how I could enhance my wellbeing through self care. Because of that I am claiming this as a success, especially as it was my first attempt. 

Different types of self care I did

I wanted to have a variety of tasks and acts of self care. I was conscious that I wanted to explore different ways in which I could practice self care.  Bubble baths are not always the answer to everything. Although they are pretty dam good on a cold winters evening. 

I focused on what would make me feel better or good. For example one day doing a full hinxh overhaul on the house (if you know, you know) might not sound like an act of self care. However the end result made me feel so much better and I kept walking round the house admiring how clean and tidy everything was. I know this might sound sad to some, hey it does to me, but a clean house does make a difference and feels less stressful for me.

Sunflowers as part of the sept self care challenge
Gorgeous sunflowers I bought as part of my self care challenge.

I did include some smaller acts such as face masks, early nights and reading to name a few. The big one was having a holiday and two full body massages. These are huge treats and not every day events for me. I enjoyed every moment. 

September was a really busy month for me so there were some days where I didn’t post. Those days I still practised self care I just didn’t have the energy to post on that particular day. It was important to me that the challenge didn’t become another chore or about social media. For those days I put a recap up to cover a few days. I like to think that it gave you a little more variety and value as not just the same kind of content daily. 

Overall I enjoyed doing the challenge. It made me look at my day to day life and see where I could practice more self care.

I will definitely take part again next year. Next year I want to focus it on a particular issue is busy woman who don’t have much time, long commutes etc

Did you follow along with the challenge? If so, what did you think? Do you practice self care? What elements would you like to see be focused on?

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