September Favourites & October Goals

It only feels like two minutes since I was thinking about what I had planned in September. This month has absolutely flown by! It’s not been an easy month as I have been poorly for some of it however I have had lots of positives and fun this month as well: 

It was birthday season for us as we had a 7 and 37 birthday to celebrate. Both days we had a great family day out and lots of cake. I really love birthdays and especially planning lots of wonderful surprises for the people I love. My family also made me feel very loved and special. My most prized gift was a Prince album on vinyl and so, the kids education on Prince started.

At the start of the month I went to Bingley Music Festival. Each year this festival seems to get bigger and more fun. I love live music but always feel I never get enough of it so a festival is a great way to see lots of artists. My favourites were The Kaiser Chiefs, The Manic Street Preachers and Soul 2 Soul.

We had a trip out to Blackpool where we had lots of fun. It maybe a cheesy place but I love it. I love being by the sea and always feel it has a calming and peaceful influence on me. Plus freshly made donuts, do I need to say anymore..

I felt very loved by friends and family this month with lots of beautiful cards and thoughtful presents.

I spent time catching up with some of my favourite people. I love spending time with my friends and when everyone is so busy it’s great that you still make time for each other. I have had coffee catch ups, meals out, meals in and a pizza and prosecco evening.

I finished off September with a spa day with the bestie. I haven’t had a spa day for a few years and really felt relaxed and had some quality time with a good friend.

October Goals:

The last few months have felt a little unbalanced as work has been very busy and I have felt a little frazzled. For the next few weeks I want to practice more balance so that I don’t feel as run down and give myself a little TLC

I am taking part in Blogtober this year and I want to make sure that I can write quality posts every day for October.

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