Slowing Down and Finding the Joy

Hello there! I’m going to just dive straight into this one. Something I want to focus on in 2018 is to slow down a little and find the joy around me everywhere. I feel like the last few years life has been really busy and that I’m heading towards a burn out situation. To help me get started I have put together a list of ways / activities which will help me appreciate the joy of life: 

Naps and lots of them! I love a good nap and feel energised and refreshed afterwards. I seem to be an early riser these days even though I love the thought of a lovely long lie in, so my compromise with myself is to get some weekend naps in.

There is nothing like immersing yourself into a characters life when your reading a book. Reading is such a good way to let your mind rest and relax. I often lose track of whats happening around me if I in reading a particularly good book. I will also be posting some book reviews throughout the year to help keep me reading.

I am not a huge nature lover however I do love getting outdoors , going for walks and having a roast dinner at the end of it. There is something about being in the countryside which recharges me and I feel connected to everything. As I live near the Yorkshire Dales I have plenty of opportunity to go exploring.

Leeds Liverpool Canal

My mind is always whirling around with ideas or a to do list which can make it hard to switch off and leaves me feeling tired. To help with this I have started a journal, not necessarily for every day but at the side of my bed so I can get everything out of my head and have agreat nights sleep.

There is no better therapy than socialising, catching up and having fun with the people I love. Having some girlie time over a glass of fizz or coffee and cake always leaves me feeling happy and fulfilled.


I love my food but see it as a chore and I havent always enjoyed or put much effort into eating. I am definitely going to look for some joy in cooking, new recipes and of course the eating.

Being on here! I love spending time creating quality content and if anything I write one person likes then I feel so appreciative and honoured. There are so many great blogs out there and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. I have enrolled in Sophie Cliff’s ecourse so that I can improve my skills.

Being in the moment, taking in everything which is happening and enjoying it purely as it is happening. Sometimes its all too easy to become focused on taking pictures for social media or capturing the moment instead of just living the moment.

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