Social Media: Are you all about IRL moments or the polished lifestyle?

Hello you lovely lot! Well it’s Day 4 of Blogtober and I am still here so I’m happy with that. I am on my last day of being in Bali and I’m not too sure how I feel about that. As much as I love being at home, Bali is a magical island which has captured my heart. Plus according to social media it’s bloody cold in the U.K. which I know I’m not ready for.  

That brings me nicely to today’s post topic which is about social media. In particular what we see on social media and how it makes us all feel from time to time. Let me explain…..

I am part of the generation lucky enough to have had an analogue childhood and a social adulthood. For the first 10 years of my life the internet didn’t publicly exist! I was also late to the party with social media. I didn’t go on Facebook until 2008, Twitter until 2010 and Instagram until the last few years. It’s safe to say I didn’t like any of them at first but then it all clicked for me. I don’t even bother with Snapchat or any of the other platforms.

Social media is great for many things such as staying in touch with people / friends / people from school, finding out what’s happening in other parts of the world and connecting with people whose path we wouldn’t cross with in real life. It can provide opportunities and career paths which simply did not exist prior to social media. All of this is amazing however I also think social media has evolved in to the highlight reel of other people’s lives.

And that can be tough. Sometimes it can feel like there is always someone out there doing better or more regardless of how amazingly well you are doing. Comparing yourself to others is never time well spent and sometimes social media definitely triggers that for people. 

So I want to remind you that most people don’t hit publish on what a shit day, week or few months they just had. You rarely see a picture of someone’s house looking like it does most of the time, which if it’s anything like mine, piles of washing and Lego everywhere. Nobody lives a filtered life every single day!

I totally get it and honestly I am guilty of it myself. Recently you will have seen pictures from my holiday and how amazing it is. What you won’t know is how tired and overwhelmed I felt just before going on holiday. You won’t have seen how messy the house was, how I was working additional hours and not sleeping very well. I looked like I had been freshly dug up the day before I was leaving. But you know, not everything makes it to the gram. 

There is also an argument that people don’t want to see that sort of thing all the time. Again I totally get that. Would I like to see some more of people’s real life days, absolutely. The majority of people do not live polished and curated lives. We live busy, hectic, calm, happy and sometimes crappy moments of our lives. I do think if we had a little glimpse in to this side of real life a little more across our social media platforms then maybe we would all know that we are all doing our best. 

Saying all of that there are some accounts and captions out there where I am seeing more of this coming through. In my opinion this is ace. Like most things in life a healthy balance of the good, the bad and the downright ugly is real life. Tina has started the #hidbythegrid to show ‘behind the scenes’ on her Instagram account here

So today I want to remind you all that the majority of what you see on your feeds, are people’s highlight reels. It doesn’t make it wrong or right for people to show this side of their life but in no way should it diminish what your doing. Always feel proud of where you are and what your doing.

The BBC have an interesting post on the effects of social media here if your interested.

What do you like to see on your social media feeds? Do you think it’s important to have a mixture or are you a fan of the curated style?



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