The True Cost of a Quick Fix 

As part of the nutrition course I am doing we have been looking at fad diets and wow there are some real stinkers out there, some of which I’m sorry to say, I have tried myself. I am learning that there is no quick fix, that anything which says quick results, is probably playing with your health. As I am getting older I am starting to realise that one of the most precious things you have is your health so why would I pay for something which could potentially jeopardise that?!

I have tried the following: Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, 5:2 diet, Alli pills, skipping meals, eating crap and currently on Juice Plus shakes. Yet I am still the dress size and weight. Juice Plus does not promote itself as a weight loss scheme, more that it is for overall health and that weight loss can be a result. In all fairness I did feel healthier and more energetic when I am sticking to it 100%. I am not sure if it is teaching me about my relationship with food though.  I have become more aware of clean eating and I am finally focusing on my overall health instead of the scales. Retraining myself is taking longer than I thought, however I am going for lifelong and sustainable changes.

Anyway back to fad diets… I went on and researched about some of the horror stories happening on these fad diets. People are dying which is just crazy as they could be prevented. When did it change so that being slimmer meant putting your life at risk?  Even with all of these diets and quick fixes on the table we are still heavier and unhealthier than we ever have been. The dieting game is a multi million pound industry so it is not in their interest for everyone to become healthier as their products wouldn’t be needed. I am not an expert in anyway and I am going through the same journey and learnings as everyone out there is. My only request is please don’t settle for a quick fix which could cost you more than you thought. Do the research first!

What do you think about fad diets? Have you ever tried one?

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