Tips on overcoming the holiday blues

Feeling the holiday blues

It’s holiday season which also means social media is in full holiday mode. Pictures of people frolicking in the ocean (I’m far too clumsy to frolic), perfect faraway poses and sunsets are rife on social media at this time of year. Like most people, it gives me a serious case of wanderlust and day dreaming! 

The first day back at work always makes me have an acute of holiday blues. I am currently sat at my desk or on the commute day dreaming of sunsets, cocktails, ice creams and soft sandy beaches. I only have a  few weeks left to go for my holiday and I already on countdown about the adventure and memories that I am yet to have.

In preparation for the inevitable first day back here are my hints and tips to overcome holiday blues and thrive on your first day back:

  • Clean your house before you go away. It feels like a pain at the time but it will feel wonderful to come back to a clean and tidy house.
  • Put fresh bedding on before you leave. I love having holidays but I also think there is no place like your own bed.
  • Make your favourite meal and freeze it. Then you have something delicious and tasty to look forward to when you are eating plane food.
  • Keep your first day back plan free. Give yourself time to get the loads of washing done and  catch up on your TV.
  • On your first day back at work take your lunch break. Start back at work with positive habits.
  • Make sure you leave work on time. Ease yourself back in to the work mindset and daily routine.
  • Pick up a beautiful and bright bunch of flowers, as a pick me up.
  • Book in a catch up with your friends over some delicious food and drink. It’s always fun to have something to look forward to.
  • You will have probably drank a lot more water on holiday. Try and keep this going when you get back in to your routine.

How do you overcome your first day back from your holiday? Do you have any tips or hints for overcoming holiday blues?

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