Top Money Saving Tips

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A few weeks ago I attended GiffGaff’s GamePlan evening which was about managing your money. I wrote about it here if your interested, it was a really fun evening! Since that evening it has made me think about managing my money. I have had times where money has caused me stress so I completely understand why people can become so worried and upset. Here are some top tips that I have picked up over the years. 

House Hold Money Saving Tips

Whenever I think that I need to rein in the spending I do a financial audit. I keep the receipts for everything that I spend. It quickly helps me identify where I am spending and where I can make savings. I also have a spreadsheet which details all of my outgoings and incomings which I update monthly just before pay day. This helps me keep track of everything and I also put any money in to savings as soon as I can so that I am not used to having the money in my account. I know it can be hard to have savings and in the past there has definitely been months where savings have not happened.  Now I aim to put something in every month, even if it’s just £20.

A few other tips for house hold things is to regularly review utility bills. All you need are a few months of bills and about half an hour to get on those comparison websites. If you haven’t already, then find out what your credit report says, most of them are free these days. Whilst it might seem a little scary, knowing what it has on it, is the start of managing your money.  One last thing for the house is food shopping and where possible I try and buy “wonky” fruit and vegetables. They are often cheaper just because of the shape, which has no impact on how it tastes or looks when its chopped up! Plus you are reducing food waste which is helping the environment, so another win.

Day to Day Money Saving Tips

Here are some top tips for day to day life;

  • Taking lunches to work can really help your budget. I always let myself have a few days in the month where I buy lunch so I don’t get bored or feel deprived.
  • Keep an eye out for deals in the shop’s such as 3 for 2 so you can stock up on gifts for Christmas, Mothers Day and birthdays, ahead of time.
  • I love using a discount shop such as Home Bargains for items like cleaning products. Nowadays you can get some brands in the discount shops for half the price.
  • Sign up to some of the newsletters for restaurants, pubs and bars. They often send out discounts to their email community, plus when its your birthday you might get a bottle of fizz.
  • Use vouchers for days out, experiences or eating out. No shame or judgement here, I love feeling like I have bagged myself a bargain.
  • I love a good coffee but it can easily add up if you buy one every day, so now I buy myself a tin of fancy coffee for work which will last one month, for the same price as one really fancy coffee. Don’t get me wrong I still treat myself to a really fancy coffee a few times a month ,but its a treat.
  • When budgeting why not try separating out money into envelopes. It’s so easy to forget how much you spend when its all on the plastic. By having the money to one side and paying in actual cash it makes me more mindful and think twice about parting with my hard earned money.
  • Have a treat budget put to one side if you can. This way whenever you feel deprived you can treat yourself without undoing all of your hard work

One thing that’s important to remember that these tips are not about depriving yourself. It’s about making savings, so that you have the money to spend on what you really want Ie, that city break, or gig tickets. I hope you have found this useful.


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