Weekly Round Up #2

This week I was lucky enough to have a mid-week day off work for the OHs birthday. It was a lazy start to the day and then up and out for a day shopping in Leeds. The weather was gorgeous and it really felt like  summer was on it way. We were looking for a record player which I was very excited about and we walked all over town trying to find it. I must admit I thought that Leeds would have more vinyl shops than what I found. If anyone knows anywhere then feel free to let me know. Also part of the day were a few refreshment stops one at which was Browns in The Light for a cocktail stop. It has recently been closed for refurbishment and it looked fabulous and very chilled in the afternoon.

I am now the proud owner of vinyl records!! I have always loved the idea of collecting them and I have some great childhood memories involving vinyl records. I think that technology is all well and good however you cannot beat the sound of a vinyl record. My first purchases were Oasis Whats The Story Morning glory and Alanis Morrisette Jagged Little Pill from my teenage years. It definitely felt a little nostalgic. Next up I really want a Prince record.

I visited the new Home Sense store in Leeds and I could easily see myself spending all my time and money there. It has so many pretty trinkets and accessories that I would love in my home. As we have only been in this house a few months it still feels like a blank canvas for us to really make our own style and vibe. I will definitely be going back on a more serious shopping trip.

I have been reading more this week which is something I definitely want to fit in to my routine as a regular habit. I love reading and will pretty much give any genre a go. At the moment I like reading books about being the best version of me. Its good to feel like I am learning something and being challenged. I am currently reading The Chimp Paradox and I am enjoying it so far.

I finally made it back to the gym after having a few weeks of not really feeling up to it. I have had a rotten cold and I felt exhausted with it. I am definitely going to be spending the next few weeks focusing on building my immune system back up and exercise is one of those things. I went for a swim and a jacuzzi so I felt super relaxed afterwards. It made me realise that I need to get this back into my routine to keep me feeling fabulous!.

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