Weight Update

One of the reasons I wanted to do a blog was to journal progress and challenges along the way. January has been a busy month for socialising which has meant there has been more alcohol and eating out. Basically December continued in to January. 

In terms of food I have been going to the Slimming World group each week. Following the plan has been less consistent than I would have liked however I have had small losses so that’s something. I have either been focused and on it or not, which is fine. That’s just how it goes somehow.

In order to be honest and not put filters over my life here is how it has gone at times:

Over the last few weeks I have felt fustrated, stalled, fat and then swung to feeling in control and slimmer. For me this is not an easy journey however I am determind to find a balance which works for me. It feels harder when people at group lose 4lbs in one week. Don’t get me wrong  I am so pleased for them and their jounrey.

I think the biggest change for me has been that I stopped putting myself under pressure. I have given myself permission to do the best I can in the circumstances. The next few weeks I have kept free so that I can focus a little more on meal planning and batch cooking. I think that the secret to being healthier and eating well is to be prepared. I’m really looking forward to having more time to write, read, cook and sleep. 

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