Well we’ve done it now

Today I woke up to find that my country has voted to leave the EU. I was and still am shocked. Now to be clear this is not a political post or blog as I just do not have enough facts for it to be. These are my thoughts and feelings in the wake of the referendum.

I voted Remain as I felt I just had too much to lose and that whilst I didn’t particularly want to be in the EU, there was no credible alternative being offered. It’s going to be such an uncertain time for the next few years which has already started as you can see by the Stock Markets response. However I am grown up enough to accept that this was a vote and that the country has demanded change. I’m just not sure if I have enough energy to go through another recession considering we have only just got over the last one.

The next few weeks people will be scared and worried about what all of this means as nobody really knows yet. So please let’s be kind to each other, let’s remember we are now in it together.  I am sure there will be lots of information, pledges and lies being offered to us from both sides of the debate. That’s what always happens. Like it or not though this is the future that we are facing so for me it now has to work. Its time for us to suck it up and the Brexit campaign to start delivering on what they said it would mean for us to opt out of the EU. So here is my heartfelt plea:

Show us compassion and that you campaigned for this to move the country forward and not demolish our rights. Show us that we can be Great Britain, that we will regain industries that will make us strong and a viable commodity to trade with internationally. Show us respect, kindness and truth. Show us that people can no longer live their whole life on benefits out of choice. Show us that we will not be left behind and return back to the 1960’s. Show our children that democracy works. Show us that British politics does not have to involve lies, scandal and personal slanging matches. Show woman that they won’t lose their rights if they choose to have a baby and can return to the workplace respectfully. Show us that financial institutes cannot play with our money and lives and that we are the ones who have to pay it back. Show us that the NHS is here to stay. Show us that this is not a hidden agenda to remove immigrants. Shows us that we can live peacefully and happily as one nation. Show us that our children and grandchildren will grow up in a country where hard work is rewarded and not seen as someone to foot the bill when things go wrong.  Show us that you were right and this was not about progressing your own career and agenda.

This could be the greatest thing that we as a nation ever do or it could be the worst. Let’s make it the greatest.

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