Wellness Wednesday Event – The Body Shop

On Wednesday I went to a Wellness event at The Body Shop in Leeds. I had really been looking forward to it as it is not often events are about mental health and well-being. The first thing that struck me was the layout and the brand revamp which they have clearly undertaken in recent years. My memories of The Body Shop are of the 90’s with lots of musk scents however the shop was fresh, vibrant and very friendly.  

The evening started with a talk from Phoenix Health and Wellbeing about the effects on the body that stress can have and some relaxation techniques. Phoenix Health and Wellbeing are a charity based in Leeds who provide complimentary therapies and support people who have mental or physical health issues. Someone would pay for the services provided and then some of the money paid for that treatment goes to helping people who may not be able to afford the treatment. I think that this is such a good idea for us to help and support each other even if indirectly. It builds a sense of community.

The relaxation techniques were centred around breathing, message and accupressure points. It was interesting to learn some quick techniques that you can easily fit in to your day or whilst at your desk.

Then the fun part happened where we got to play with some of the different products, had a hand message, skin care consultation and back massage. The range of products available surprised me and were focused on well-being and feeling good. I managed to keep the purse strings under control though and I did purchase an Aloe Vera cleanser as I am nearly at the bottom of my current cleanser.

Recently I have started to take an interest in the ingredients of the products I use. I am not against if there are chemicals in products as I have used them for years, I just want to try to move to more naturel products for the good of my skin. This may not be completely possible in everything I use however wherever I can I will try and make that choice.

The evening also had a mindfulness session which unfortunately I did not get chance to attend as I was having my skin care consultation. I was also given a sampler of some face serum and a matcha face mask. Once I have used these a few times I will let you know what I think of the products. It was a lovely evening which I enjoyed and definitely brought The Body Shop products back on to my radar.

What techniques do you use when feeling stressed?  

How do you balance your well-being? 

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