What’s in a Blog

Sssssoooooo I can be a little inconsistent with this whole blogging marlarky and honestly I am very aware of it. It’s not because I don’t want to blog it’s because  I have a few episodes of stage fright from time to time.  I can go from loving my blog to not knowing why anyone would want to read it. Then I swing from it’s a hobby so who cares to succumbing to the pressure of being a wannabe female entrepreneur.

A lot of people who have blogs tend to have a niche subject that they profess to be experts about. I am learning all the time about what makes me feel fabulous and healthy. There are so many things which can influence or impact feeling fabulously healthy. I don’t have a niche, a book or DVD to flog. I don’t have a lifestyle or product to sell. What I do have is an open mind, willingness to learn, a passion for writing, great friends, a beautiful family and a happy nature. Don’t get me wrong I do not judge or begrudge anyone anything and I thinks  it’s awesome that so many woman are taking control of their life.

I read some awesome blogs which I schedule time in to do so. The blogs inspire me but also make me feel like I am out of my depth because they seem to have great content, funny, witty and fun to read. Hey, I guess we all have to start somewhere.

The point of this post… Well to share my thoughts and pledge to myself that I will strive to do better and be more consistent when posting. To not give a shit and post about whatever takes my fancy, is happening or is just of interest to me. I will continue to develop and learn along the way. To not let the endless posts of how to give up your 9-5 job put any undue pressure or take away the enjoyment for me. To always be excited if someone reads, comments or likes any part of the blog.

Most importantly I will be myself, all random, sarcastic, caring and hopefully entertaining self.

If there are any new / experienced bloggers out there who have experienced the same feelings then feel free to share any tips / experiences.

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