Why you might not be achieving your goals

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Earlier this year I posted about how to set your goals, if you haven’t had chance to read it and would like to, then click here , however today I want to talk about why you might not be achieving your goals. There can be many reasons why you might not make the progress that you expected. It can feel demotivating and derail all of your best intentions. 

So you have set yourself an amazing goal and feel ready to change your world. Then a few weeks or months later, you  start to run out of steam. You feel frustrated and realise you haven’t made much progress against your goals. In a world where we are increasingly busy it’s easy to not be as focused or get caught up of the detail of day to day life.

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The first thing to remember is that sometimes life can take you of course and that is completely fine.

How many goals are you working on at any one time:

I would suggest having no more than three goals on the go at any one time. It is much more manageable to focus on a few things and nail them, than half attempt several things at once. Having too many goals at once can make you feel overwhelmed and dilutes your focus. If you have a few things you want to focus on then write down everything you want to achieve, then go back through your list and prioritise the top 10 things for you. Keep repeating this exercise until you are left with 2-3 items from your list which are the most important too you. Remember you can work on one goal at a time if you would prefer.

Whats Your Why:

It’s important that you remember why you have you set yourself this goal in particular. What does it mean to you if you didn’t achieve it? How will this make you feel when you do achieve it?  Your reason why is the bigger picture for you, its what will keep you emotionally connected to you goals. I would suggest writing down your why in a journal or even in the notes section of your phone. That way whenever you feel a little down you have it to hand and keep focused.

Is your goal flexible enough:

A goal or aspiration which is too rigid is not going to allow you to live your life. This is a sure fire way of becoming demotivated and quickly lose sight of what you want. Reassess your goal, identify what has changed and look at what you can be flexible with in order to achieve the goal. Whilst you might need to make some changes, give yourself some wiggle room and space.

Is your goal realistic and specific:

A lot of goals stall because they are too vague and don’t detail how you are going to achieve it. When you are thinking of your goal, try and be as specific as possible so you can visualise what you want. Instead of I want to read more books this year than last, why not try I want to read 7 books a month. Also include what specific actions you are going to take ie, I will read for one hour a day o n the train instead of scrolling social media. The more specific and realistic you are the more chance you have of staying on track.

Fail to plan and plan to fail;

One of the ways you can prepare is to consider what setbacks you may encounter and how you will overcome them. Plan in time for you to regularly review and celebrate your progress and success.  Feel the fear and just go for it. Feeling scared of failure or of success can stop many people following their dreams and goals.

Is this your goal or someone else’s;

If you are experiencing resistance then sometimes it might be because someone is making you  feel like you should working on this. Sometimes other people can project their expectations or goals on to you which results in you being unhappy. It may be that its not the right time for you. I know I have tried to force myself to work towards something when I am not in the right mind set, which has resulted in lots of frustration and mot much progress. Sometimes things are just not a priority at this point in your life.

All of the above reasons are absolutely fine if that’s where you are right now. There have been times where I have had to take some time out from working towards anything and just focus on  enjoying myself. Do what makes you happy.

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