Yorkshire Day 2017: 16 amazing things about Yorkshire

Today is Yorkshire Day and I bloody love that I am Yorkshire born and bred. I do think it is one of the best places to live. There is everything from the Yorkshire Dales to the city life of Leeds, people are warm and friendly and will do anything to help. To celebrate here is a list of all the things that are amazing about Yorkshire: 

  • Yorkshire pudding is an actual food group in its own right and should always be home-made.
  • Yorkshire Tea is the only tea worth drinking and it can solve everything.
  • From March until November you will not wear a coat regardless.
  • You will not find a better curry then you will do in Bradford. I have had friends visiting up from London take curry back down with them.
  • Lunch is dinner and dinner is tea.
  • We have several different names for a tea cake / bread roll / cob and the list goes on
  • In 2014 we had The Grand Depart for the Tour De France and it was a major success. The Tour Director declared it the “grandest every Grand Depart”
  • We have nailed fish and chips.
  • Yorkshire has more Michelin starred restaurants than any other county, outside of London.
  • Emley Moor transmitting station is the tallest structure in the UK
  • Ripon is Britain’s oldest city. It was granted a charter by King Alfred The Great in 886.
  • The Leeds Liverpool canal is the longest canal in Northern England at 127 miles.
  • Skipton Castle is over 900 years old and withstood a 3 year-long seize in the English Civil War. It is one of the best preserved medieval castles in the country.
  • Yorkshire Three Peaks attracts people from all over to tackle the walk and take in the beautiful scenery.
  • York Minister survived a fire in 1984 and is the second highest office of the Church of England
  • The people are friendly, warm, hospitable and insanely proud of our county.
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