About Zoe

I’m Zoe, a 40 something, Leeds based lifestyle blogger who loves a bottomless brunch or two. I mean, breakfast food is the best food, especially when it’s paired with an Aperol Spritz!

So as it is an About page, here is a little more about me… I firmly believe the 90s was the best decade for British music. I still know all of the words to Jagged Little Pill and What’s the Story Morning Glory albums.  Although often I can’t remember why I walked in to a room. I love being drawn in to the pages of a good book  with a cup of tea (Yorkshire Tea obvs!) with a blanket and candle on the go. Whilst I love the hustle and bustle of a city, I enjoy time outside and really appreciate the calming effect being in nature has on me. 

I have a serious stationary addiction which I am led to believe started when I was a young girl. When the shops are open Paperchase is my version of the local corner shop. 

I am passionate about woman living their best life and showing up for themselves, even though I know this can be hard at times. I want to live my best life with all the ups, downs and adventures that come my way. I guess, now I am in my 40’s this seems more important to me. The pandemic has really slowed me down and given me the the time and space to consider what this looks like to me. 

I have always loved writing and I am convinced one day I will pen a book. For now, you will find me writing here about navigating my way through my 40s in a personal and hopefully humorous real way.  Being single in my 40’s with the challenges of peri menopause and dating feels like unchartered territory but nothing I can’t handle! (I hope)

I will post once a week on a Wednesday morning so be sure to check in with a cuppa and if anything resonates with you then I would love to hear from you. I can’t wait for you to have a look round, so make sure you let me know on Instagram or Twitter