January Reflection Time

Reflection exercise for the month ahead

Every month I take the time to reflect back on the last few weeks and focus on a few keys things. I ask myself what went well, what didn’t, what do I want the next month to look like and what self care do I need. I make sure that I am nice and comfortable, have a nice coffee on the go, a candle lit and always a nice note pad (anyone who knows me, will know my love of stationary).

By taking this time out for reflection it makes sure I am checking in with myself on what is working for me and if I need to change anything to keep me in tune with my goals. For 2022 my theme for the year is to feel balanced. When am reflecting back I think about if I have worked towards this or not.

Reflection – What went well?

January was a good start to the year for me. I went into the festive period feeling quite tired and ready for a break. When I returned to work I made sure I prioritized my sleep and rest. My job is really busy and I find my brain is always firing off in several directions at once, so I made sure I spent weekends and evening resting if I needed it. Plus I do love an early night in winter.

I focused on becoming stronger in my gym routine. I love doing strength and weights and I work with a PT. This makes sure I do the exercises without hurting myself and I am being pushed to increase my strength. Each week I have improved and now I have started deadlifting, which I love. The treadmill life is not for me!

I kept my daily walks going, getting outside during the day really makes such a difference to how I end the day. I read 4 books this month, which helped me relax and spend less time scrolling on my phone. If you are interested I share the books I read on my Instagram. I have also regularly posted here which makes me happy. All in all so many things were good about January!

Reflection – What didn’t go as well?

Whilst I made improvements when I was at the gym, I wasn’t as consistent in showing up as I often as I wanted to. On average I made it there twice a week as an average which is good but I was aiming for 3 times. The pay month felt looooooong this month I had to watch the pennies throughout January. I also worked long days which did impact other things in the week.

Februarys Intentions

As part of my monthly reflection I include my intentions for the coming month. As my theme is feeling balanced some of my intentions are a continuation from the previous month. I am juggling a few things at the moment and I don’t want to overwhelm or burn myself out, so any changes will be phased in.

Continue tweaking my daily routine so that it works for me. The last few weeks I have returned to the office a few days a week. Whilst I really enjoyed those days, I was not prepared. I ended up eating on the go and the food was not always nutritious. So I need to get back into a routine of batch cooking and preparing a few meals in advance.

Focus on pushing myself to go the gym 3 times every week. Work has impacted this more than anything so in February I will be blocking out time in my calendar and sticking to the days I have put as gym days. I always enjoy my time at the gym and feel great afterwards.

Continue writing posts for my blog and social media. I enjoy all the steps when it comes to blogging and have already learnt so much. I want to understand more of the technical elements in the next few months as I am thinking through some changes so want to do them myself.

What self care do I need?

I like to finish my monthly reflections by asking this question. I have learnt that no matter what good intentions you have sometimes things change or life gets in the way. The self care I need over the next few weeks,

be kind to myself and understand if things go awry

continue my daily walks

make time for reading regularly

make tasty meals I look forward to

prioritise rest and sleep when I need to

So there you go, my January reflections and what my intentions for February. Do you complete any reflection exercises? Have you any intentions or goals you would like to achieve in February?